Aimee Pong is a print / interactive designer + illustrator

Days: Studio Mercury Nights and weekends: Illustration, Freelance and Comics
Polar Bear in a Snow Storm
Greeting Card
Printed with a spot UV varnish
Scandinavian Review
Art Direction / Publication Design
Selected spreads from semi-annual journal
Presidential Scholarship Postcard
On-brand reminder for qualifying students to apply for Missouri State's highest academic scholarship. Many, many, many real gold stars were added by hand and safely mailed.
TV Dinner
Printed invitation for food and wine-centric fundraising event benefiting children's television.
Short Stories
Book design / Illustration
Series of book covers illustrated with cut paper sculptures
Marks for the International Motion Arts Awards, Institute for Economic Democracy, Foreign Language Institute and Mason-Dixon Knitting.
Yuck City
Illustration / Animation
Halloween promo piece for OrangeYouGlad. Monsters were based on the everyday terrors of NYC. Art direction and logo by Matt Schoch. Additional lettering by Constance Leonard.
Illustration / Game Design
It's raining cats.